APA Innovations Inc. believes it builds one of the finest made compound bows on the market today, and to back this up APA Innovations Inc. offers the best warranty in the industry.

Every APA Bow is warranted conditionally for the life of the original owner providing replacement parts remain available.* The acquisition of an APA bow must be made by walk-in purchase at an authorized APA dealer or factory-direct if there is no dealer in your area. Warranty is void on any APA bow if purchased through the internet or mail order unless authorized by APA Innovations Inc.

The first year of purchase is covered 100% at no cost for repair or replacement at the manufacturer’s discretion. After the first year a $45.00 service fee will be charged for each warranty claim*.

Transportation and insurance charges for the warranty claim are not covered by APA Innovations Inc.

Physical damage such as dryfires or unauthorized modification will nullify warranty. Bow strings, cables, cable slides, wooden grips and cosmetic appearance such as scratches, chips/dents, paint and/or film dipped finishes are not covered under warranty.

* 50% off MAP pricing on bows built with draw weights in excess of 70lbs such as 80,90 & 100lbs draw weights.