Who is apa innovations?

We are not the same | industry leading technology

We at APA are proud of our products and service. Our passion for archery is the motivation to engineer industry leading technologies and world class performance. Designed with functionality, APA bows are renowned for practical use in the field, accuracy and world leading speeds.

“APA is top notch when it comes to taking care of the customer.” -Tom Weldmore

APA strives to provide the best customer service experience, from sales to technical advice and personalization needs.

Incorporating smooth draw cycle, virtually zero hand shock, speed, accuracy and shootability; APA bows have gained international acclaim. After great lengths we’ve insured our bows are engineered to be user friendly and easy to maintain. All of this, along with our unique design and technologies, has created the most sought after world leading shooting platform. After reviewing our bows, if you feel our specifications do not fit your specific needs we do encourage you to contact us. We have had success customizing and fitting those whom have previously had trouble fitting a compound bow.

APA Archery began in 2002 with the innovative design of stationary archery rests. From there the passion for archery and excitement to share with others birthed the first APA bow. Unique to APA is the brains and heart to create forward thinking technologies and performance. With assistance from his team, all designs are created by the founder/owner.